Why SIU offer qualitative degree programme

Education is right, not privilege

Economically challenged but academically gifted student, he relied on student loans and academic scholarships to receive an education, which lead to his successful career as a social entrepreneur. SIU was conceived as an opportunity to pay forward the transformational opportunity brought by education so that any student anywhere in the world can also break through economic and social barriers and achieve personal success.

Education should be free of cost

SIU is dedicated to one goal: to provide TUITION FREE accredited degree programs to anyone, anywhere, anytime. SIU was the first among massive open online course (MOOC) providers to offer UGC recognised degrees without tuition fee and costs for textbooks. SIU breaks down financial barriers to education and provides the first of its kind opportunity for anyone, anywhere to earn a degree regardless of their social, geographic or economic limitations.

Education should be sustainable

SIU was built upon a sustainable business model that blends entrepreneurial innovations with best practices in education. In partnership with commercial enterprises, nonprofit organizations and academic leaders, SIU provides delivery of high-quality, no-cost education without the need for government funding and, therefore, free of the regulatory requirements that have constrained innovation in the education industry for centuries. SIU degree programs are sponsored by advertisers who value education. Throughout their courses, students are presented with advertising in various forms. SIU highly values students’ privacy and will never share personal information without prior permission.

Education leads to peace and prosperity

It is our goal to break down the economic barriers to education and inspire citizens dedicated to doing good. In exchange for receiving a Tuition Free education, SIU asks students to use their education to pay it forward by serving their communities and causes. SIU is dedicated to helping find solutions to secure the safety of the planet and prompt goodwill and humanitarian thinking for generations to come. Access to education enables our students to gain the knowledge and skills essential to elevate them from poverty and inspire them to seek solutions to local, regional, national and global problems.

Educate a biliion students in five years

SIU is committed to expanding its capacity to educate students even in the most marginalized regions of the world with accredited degree programs that are both practical and engaging. Together with our partners and alliances in the commercial, nonprofit and academic sectors, SIU is developing its learning resources.