Examination Regulation

Examination Rules

Term end examination is primarily designed for students who are on courses of study at university or community colleges registered with sangai international university. However, it is recognised that there are students who may not attend university or community colleges but who wish to enter for examinations. Such individuals are referred to as external candidates.

After getting the Registration number, a candidate shall Register themselves for appearing in examination as an External Student by submitting Examination Forms complete in all respects. They will deposit the required examination fee at any of the authorised branch of Axis Bank or Punjab National Bank and will attach original receipt thereof with the Examination Form.

On-Demand Examination is an innovative step forward to make the examination system more flexible and to provide an opportunity for the learners to take up the examinations as per their desire and preparation. Under this scheme, on-demand examination will be conducted in the month of January and July each year at the approved examination centres and the student can choose the date convenient to him/her to appear in the examinations.

The students for On-Demand Examination will have to register online and make the prescribed fee payment for which the student wants to appear. Depending on the availability of space at the approved examination centres for conduct of examinations, the students will receive a confirmation of the registered hall ticket online.

Submit separate examination form for each year, i.e., First and third if appearing in more than one year. The students must pay the full examination fee including late fee if any, otherwise his/her candidature shall be straightway cancelled without any intimation to him/her.

The examination forms of external students be accepted directly from the candidates themselves only and not from the any academy or agent or with care of academy addresses. Examination fee if so warrants, will be refunded after deducting amount equivalent to 25% as handling/processing charges under the University rule/regulation.

Results for on Demand Examination shall be published within 30 working days on website

Every external candidate shall be examined according to the scheme of examinations and syllabus as approved by the academic senate from time to time. A candidate who fails in an examination or having been eligible fails to appear in an examination shall unless approved otherwise by the academic senate taking the examination according to the syllabus prescribed by the university for regular students appearing for that examination.

Application for change of paper and/or examination centre or any other entry in the form after its submission, will be considered only if received one month before the commencement of term end examinations alongwith the prescribed fee. Until and unless the candidates get written permission from competent authority for change in paper/examination centre he/she shall not be allowed to appear in that paper/examination centre.

External candidates shall not be allowed to offer such subjects for the examination which involve practical work except in the case of candidates who had failed earlier and who had put in a course of study at an approved institution in the previous academic year or working in the industry / organization and produces a certificate to that effect to the satisfaction of the university. However notwithstanding this condition, external candidates may offer computer science with practical.

In case a candidate does not receive his/her Roll No., 10 days prior to the commence of the examination, he/she should contact the university/officer on working day for this purpose. Though he/she can appear in one paper by depositing 100/- with the centre superintendent. If examination form has been submitted by him/her and he/she is otherwise eligible if not eligible his/her previous or same examination roll no. will not be sent and fee will not be refundable.

The blind and handicapped candidates must get the approval for appointment of an amanuensis (writer) at least 2 weeks before the commencement of exam.

There shall be zero-tolerance against use of unfair means and mal practices in connection with examination and each examinee shall be required to strictly adhere to the instructions for taking examination. Non-adherence to such instructions shall attract disciplinary action.

Grading system

The university shall have grading system based on a six (6) point scale of evaluation of the performances of students in terms of marks, grade points, credits, letter grade and class.

The total performance of a student within a semester and the continuous performance from the second semester onwards shall be indicated by the (i) Grade Point Average (GPA); (ii) Weighted Average Marks (WAM); (iii) Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA); and (iv) Overall Weighted Percentage Marks (OWPM) with the CGPA and OWPM, being the real indicators of a student’s performance.

Course-wise letter grade & grade point:

Accordingly, the percentage of marks obtained by a student in a course will be indicated by a grade point and a letter grade on a Six (6) point scale as under:

Percentage of Marks Grade Point Letter Grade
75-100 5.50 – 6.00 O
65-74 4.50 – 5.49 A+
60-64 4.00 – 4.49 A
55-59 3.50 – 3.99 B+
50-54 3.00 – 3.49 B
00-49 0.00 – 2.99 F

For calculating the exact Grade Point on the basis of marks obtained by a candidate in each course, the following multiplication factor shall be applied:

  1. 0.02 per mark between 75-100%
  2. 0.11 per mark between 65-74%
  3. 0.1225 per marks between 50-64%
  4. 0.0761 per marks between 0-48%

Provided that the above multiplication factor shall not be applied to OWPM for conversion to CGPA

CGPA, Overall Letter Grade and Class:

The overall cumulative performance of a student shall be indicated by the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

The marks and the grades obtained in the courses corresponding to the maximum number of credits specified for completion of a Programme of Studies will be taken into consideration in arriving at the OWPM with overall Letter Grade and Class, as under:

OWPM Letter Grade Class
75-100 O Outstanding
65-74 A+ Excellent
60-64 A First
55-59 B+ Second
50-54 B Satisfactory
0-49 F Fail
I Incomplete
X Inadequate Attendance / Dropped / Unregistered

A student who has successfully completed all the courses to accumulate the minimum specified number of credits under the comprehensive choice based credit system shall be deemed to have completed the programme of studies.

A student who obtains 75 and above in OWPM shall be deemed to have passed the examination in FIRST CLASS (outstanding) provided he/she has successfully completed all the courses prescribed at the first appearance.

X grade: This grade is also a fail grade and is awarded as a result of detention(s) on the basis of shortage of attendance. A student, who earns ‘X’ grade in a course, shall register for that course again when it is offered next. A student who is allowed to drop a semester shall also be awarded ‘X’ grade in the courses of dropped semester.

I grade: This grade is awarded when a student having good academic record is unable to appear in the end semester exam due to compelling reasons justifiable to instructor in charge. The director of school / directorate concerned shall receive the application of the case alongwith relevant evidence before the award of grades so that if found fit, the student shall be awarded I grade by director of school / directorate concerned.

Promotion and progression

A student shall be required to participate in all components of the comprehensive continuous internal assessment, as specified in the detailed course outline, failing which he/she shall be deemed to have NOT COMPLETED the course and shall be awarded the “I” grade. provided further that the “I” grade shall also be awarded to a candidate in a course in which he/she has been declared ineligible to appear in the term end examination of a courses on account not meeting the minimum prescribed attendance requirements for the course.

A student who has been awarded “I” grade shall be required to re-register for the same course, when it is offered in the next semester(s), or shall have to register for another course under the overall framework of credit accumulation under the comprehensive choice based credit system to be able to successfully complete the minimum specified credit requirements for completion of the programme of studies.

A candidate shall be deemed to have successfully completed a course except in case where he/she has been awarded the “I” grade or “F” grade. A student who has successfully completed a course shall not be permitted to repeat the course to improve his/her grade; A candidate shall be required to secure a minimum of 50% marks, in the course taken, to successfully complete that course, failing which he/she shall be deemed to have failed in the course and shall be awarded the “F” grade.

The “F” grade once awarded shall stay in the grade card of the student and shall not be deleted even when he/she successfully completes the course later. The grade acquired later by the student will be indicated in the grade sheet of the subsequent semester in which the candidate has appeared for clearance of the arrears.

If a student has been awarded “F” grade, he/she shall be required to repeat the only the term end examination i.e. he/she shall be required to reappear in term end examination of that course when that course is offered next. Provided further that a student shall not be permitted to repeat/reappear in the continuous internal assessment and/or the internal (mid-term) examination and that the marks/grade obtained by him earlier shall be carried forward for declaring the result.

A student with “F” grade in a course shall be permitted to repeat/reappear in the term end examination of the course for maximum number of three times i.e. a student with arrears on account of “F” grade, shall be permitted to repeat/reappear in the term end examination for a maximum of three times (including the first appearance), along with the subsequent term end examinations.

If a student secures “F” grade in a project work/project report/dissertation/field work report/training report etc, he/she shall be required to resubmit the revised project work/project report/dissertation/field work report/training report etc, as required by the evaluator(s). Provided further that a student shall be permitted to re-submit the project work/project report/dissertation/field work report/training report etc for a maximum of three times(including the first submission).

There shall be no system of compartmental/supplementary examination.

All students admitted to an odd Semester shall be eligible for promotion to the even semester. To be eligible for promotion from an even semester to the odd semester, a student shall be required to successfully complete at least 50% of all the courses registered by him/her so far. All such students who are not promoted to the next semester shall be treated as ex-students and shall continue to remain so till they become eligible for promotion to the next semester.

Grade Card

The grade card issued at the end of the semester to each student will contain the following:

  1. Marks obtained for each course registered in the semester
  2. Credits earned for each course registered for that semester
  3. Performance in each course indicated by the letter grade
  4. Grade Point Average (GPA) of all courses registered for that semester
  5. Weighted Average Marks (WAM) of all the courses registered for that semester
  6. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA),
  7. Overall Weighted Percentage of Marks (OWPM)
  8. The class and the grade of all the courses, after completing the programme.

Transcript and provisional certificate

The transcript, thus prepared for the entire student in the university. The controller of examination shall issue the final transcript to the student. Pending approval from the board of management, provisional pre-university certificate / diploma / degree certificate in the prescribed form shall also be issued to the students on payment of fee prescribed for the purpose and receiving no dues certificate.