Learning Resources


The tab has adequate classrooms to cater to the present needs of the programmes of study being launched by the university. Classrooms are well- furnished and equipped with requisite multimedia aids for teaching.

Seminar hall

A well-equipped Seminar Hall, with adequate sitting capacity, has been created for holding co-curricular activities and group presentations.

Faculty rooms & cabins

cabins faculty have well-equipped IT-enabled cubicles and workstations providing them all facilities for pursuing academic and research activities.

Information & communication technology (ICT) lab

A state of the art computer lab equipped with high-end computers loaded with necessary software is available for students.Internet connectivity has been installed. The temporary academic Block is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and students can access the internet through their Tablet & laptops.

Language lab

University is in the process of setting up of a digital language lab for helping the students to augment their linguistic and communicative proficiency. This lab would not only teach students English speaking but also other aspects of language such as grammar, phonetics and assist the students in self-assessment and help the faculty in evaluation of students’ progress in the language lab related courses.

Library & information resources

University has a functional Central Library, which is being further developed with adequate number of books, journals and reference material related to the disciplines in which Programmes of Study are being offered. Website of the University already provides links to e-resources. These are being enhanced and upgraded to provide e-learning resources and materials including e- books and e-journals. University has reading room with adequate seating capacity.

Discussion corners

To promote interaction of students with the faculty, counselling, advising, etc. the faculty members of the University have been provided with specially created discussion corners, Faculty Rooms and Cubicles. There is a special provision for group discussions and interactions among faculty members and students of RD Programme.

Other facilities

The University is committed to provide quality teaching-learning environment on its campus with other facilities as under:

  1. Central Office comprising reception and cabins for senior officers.
  2. Photocopying facility for students and staff on payment basis.
  3. Facilities for purified drinking water
  4. Communication Facility with five landline telephone connection and EPBAX system
  5. University has canteen facility